A Freshman's Adventure Demo V1.2.1 Update!

A Freshman's Adventure has been updated again! Some general improvements and bug fixes had been done to be made more epic for you! The reason this is called V1.2.1 and not V1.3 is because i'd like to say this is an expansion of V1.2. As I kind of forgot to add things that I wanted to in V1.2.

This will probably be the last update before the final version of the game is fully released. 


  • Fixed bug in the hotel gift shop where you can buy holy water even if you have less than 200 gold, resulting in a negative gold count if you have less than 200 gold.
  • Fixed some more sentence mistakes.
  • Fixed a bug where the save version stays stuck on PRE_V3, or Demo V1.1 when converting your save.
  • "Continue" now says "Continue from Save" in the start menu, and "Quit" now says "Quit Game" in the start menu.
  • The first version of the game you played will now be logged continuing forth.
  • Proper version names have now been added (For example, PRE_V5 is now Demo V1.2.1).
  • Before you start a new game, you will get notified that your save is going to be overwritten.
  • Attack/Defense will now show alongside your gear name in the stats menu, so you no longer have to guess if the gear you're getting is better than the gear you currently have.


A Freshman's Adventure Demo V1.2.1 20 kB
May 12, 2019

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