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A Freshman's Adventure is a full-fledged, text-based, RPG where you can fight off enemies, Adventure across multiple different levels, and meet a bunch of new and unique characters around the world.

This game isn't like any other text-based game (Or at least I think it isn't). Instead of choosing where you can go, and exploring dungeons, etc. You instead have a map, where you can choose any point in the world to where you can go, once you complete 1 level, you move on to the next one. In the level-part of the game. You get to sit back, relax, as you watch (or read) what your character is doing in the level. Each level in the game is unique in its very own way, and in most cases, the levels have enemies that block your way, and that's where you're in control. You can defeat the enemy, so you can continue on in the level.

I know it sounds disappointing not being able to inspect things, or explore, like in every other text-based game, but think of it like reading a book. Each level is like a page in the book, going to the next level is like turning to the next page, going to a new place or area in the game, is like turning to the next chapter, i'm pretty sure you get what i'm saying. I mean, everyone likes books, right? You like reading books, right? RIGHT!?!?! Well, jokes aside, even if you don't like text-based games, you should still try this game out, because who knows, you'll probably find it really fun, or not. This game is completely free too, so you have nothing to lose if you try it! :3


It's your first day of your freshman year of high school. Everything seems normal, until an evil being, who apparently annoyed you all throughout 7th grade, and is named Dark Shane, is planning to take over the school (And the world, too!). It's your job to chase him and defeat the enemies he throws at you, so you can save the world, and become the hero of the universe!! Or something.

The Battle System

A Freshman's Adventure has a simple, yet fun battle system to fight your enemies in. The Battle System is like any traditional RPG. You can attack, heal, use items, run away, all that stuff. You can even cast spells in which you can do more damage to an enemy, or apply a negative effect on them to give you the upper-hand. Watch out though, enemies also have their own spells in which they can use to get the upper-hand on you.

Contact the team!

This game is still in development, so if you have an issue/bug report/criticism about the game, you can contact me on either of these platforms or create a comment on this page.

Install instructions

To set up this game, first extract the .zip file you downloaded. After you have extracted it, you will probably see a file called "game.bat" it is recommended that you put this file in its own folder if it's not already, so it would be easier to navigate to, and also because the game will create a new folder where the save files are stored in the same directory the game is. (NOTE: If you never opened a batch file before, smartscreen will probably show up. To get passed it, just simply click "Read More" and click "Run Anyway". Don't worry, the file is completely safe, as long as you downloaded it here, and not some other website.)


A Freshman's Adventure V1.4.0 (Latest) 64 kB
A Freshman's Adventure V1.3.0 51 kB

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