A Freshman's Adventure Demo V4 Update!

A Freshman's Adventure's Demo has been updated and made more epic than ever!

General improvements and Bug fixes have been done to make your experience with this game a little bit better :)


-You can now view how much Chips and Holy Water you have in the stats.
-You can now see how much gold and items you have in the vending machines.
-Fixed an irritating bug where you keep getting damaged by poison when you exit a menu or make an invalid choice.
-Fixed a bug where the fedora boomerang will show the HP from when you got hit once.
-Fixed some spelling errors.
-Fixed some of the text formatting.
-You will now get your HP and MP recovered after you save a teacher.
-You can now level up all the way to 10 (Perfect for people who want to do some grinding post-demo).
-Removed the auto-battle feature because it sucks and is stupid.


A Freshman's Adventure Demo V1.2 20 kB
Mar 15, 2019

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